Dean's Office

Name: Jenan Adnan Najem

Academic qualification: B.A. in  Business Administration

Job specification: Dean's Office Manager

Date of appointment: 2001


1. Supervizing the daily duties of the Dean's Office.

2. Arranging interviews with the Dean according to the agenda.

3. Regulating files, papers  and documents related to the  daily work of the Office.

4. Preparing the agenda of meetings.

5. Following up the implementation of top administration decisions through direct contacts with the departments or sections concerned.

6. Submitting periodic reports on the general situation of work and employees.

7. Following up the performance of newly appointed employees to ensure their proficiency.

8. Presenting  the suggestions or complaints presented by the College teaching staff members or employees to the Dean.

9. Processing confidential letters issued by the Dean.

10. Organizing minutes of meetings



Organizational Chart